Malamiah Juice Bar

In 2012, Jermale Eddie was introduced to the practice of juicing after watching a documentary recommended by a friend. He sought out more information and was amazed to learn the immense nutritional benefits associated with drinking fresh juice. Jermale bought a juicer and began juicing regularly at home for himself and his family. He was glad to discover that in addition to the significant health benefits that juice provides, the fresh juices are also delicious. This passed the ultimate test when his (then) 3-year-old son tried the juice and wanted more. Jermale’s wife, Anissa, first raised the idea of starting a juice bar in Grand Rapids, and the vision for Malamiah Juice Bar was born. “Malamiah” is a combination of the names of their three sons- Malachi, Nehemiah and Josiah. It is their hope that this business can be part of the legacy they pass on to their children. Malamiah Juice Bar’s mission is to elevate community wellness through healthy products, local partnerships and youth employment. They respect our planet by making choices that prioritize sustainability and intentionally contribute to local economic growth.